I make art with my hands, my intentions, my intuitions, my emotions and my human  experiences. When I am in the process of making art, I am alive in a way that I am not otherwise. I am in that creative flow state collaborating with my materials, transmuting something, but unsure of just what, until whatever it is feels right. The painting cycles through me, through my brain and my hands and then back into my eyes until it is something that seems relevant and important. It’s a journey, a voyage, a process and it’s really fun. That act, that flow state that I’m in while making, is what is most essential to me. The artifact is important in a different way.  It is a record of that flow and hopefully it conveys something of that primal feeling. In my recent work I’ve been moving from process based work towards a more deliberate and cerebral pared down minimalism. The newer work has more intentionality while still being open to the unexpected nuance. What I create is intended to elicit an intrigued emotional response in my viewer. I invite them to enter their own flow state; to pause, linger, float, reflect. Wander the garden of their private thoughts. Perhaps someone sees a painting and they sense a resonance, a kinship, a recognition that we can access a truer, deeper more sublime awareness even if it’s only a glimpse at a time. Art gives us permission to slow down and connect to our deeper selves.