I make abstract paintings. 

I make them with my hands and my materials, my intentions and my intuitions, my education and my human experiences. The process of making art is mysterious and thrilling as well as infuriating and frustrating to me but art chose me and I have to do it. In my creative flow state, collaborating with my materials, I am conductive; transmitting and transmuting an idea, a possibility, a spark into the real world of things. The ideas cycle through me, through my brain and through my fingers as they lay down paint and then back into my eyes, trial and error, over and over until it seems a little closer to the sublime. It’s always unpredictable this journey, this voyage, and it can be so fun. Being in this flow state is what I live for. The finished piece is a map. Every drip and brustroke is a breadcrumb of a thought, a choice along the way. It is a testament and a history of the process. Making these artifacts is a primal feeling.

In recent work I've been drawn towards a more pared down minimalism. The newer work is more intentional while still being open to the unexpected nuance. My intent is to intrigue and enchant my viewer, you. I invite you to enter your own flow state; to pause, to linger, to float, to reflect and to wander the garden of your own private thoughts. Perhaps you look at a painting and you feel a resonance, a kinship, a recognition. 

In this way art is a portal, a way we can access a deeper, more meaningful awareness. Art gives us permission to look inward and connect to the mystery of our truer selves.